Configure Client Registration Profiles

In a Registry Name Service (RNS) deployment, Client Registration Profiles (CRP) are always retrieved from the Primary Registry group. Because of this, create the profiles there.

Click Host Details to view more information about the selected host.

After installation, navigate back to the Hosts landing page and click Hosts Inventory. Click the vertical ellipsis icon on the Primary Registry host to reveal a dropdown menu. Select View Host Details.


Choose Client Registration Profiles to enter the editor.

Select Clien Registration Profiles to enter the editor.

Make three new Registration Profiles:

  • rns_primaries: Assigned to Group Primaries
  • rns_secondaries: Assigned to Group Secondaries
  • rns_clients: Assigned to Clients

To do this, follow the same action three times by cloning the default profile for each new Registration Profile.

Instead of starting a new profile from scratch, clone the default profile for all three profiles. This will allow you to take advantage of its existing capabilities.

Clone Each Profile

To clone each profile:

  1. Select the default profile and choose Clone. Give the profile a meaningful name such as rns_primaries, rns_secondaries, or rns_clients.
  2. With one of the three profiles selected, expand Role Registrations. You should see two registrations already configured using two of the default services groups.
  3. Change the Role field for each of these to match the desired type. For example, primary for the rns_primaries group.
  4. Change the group name of the policy service group from dflt_policy_service to the one defined in the previous step. In s this case, it is custom_policy_group.

For more information, please see Create an RNS Custom Policy Group