View and Edit Cloud Connectors

The Cloud Connectors page lists existing cloud connectors and their status in a grid display that can be customized, sorted, and filtered. Existing connectors can be edited or deleted, and new connectors can be added.

To view the page, click Menu at the top of the left navigation bar, and click Cloud Connectors.

At the top of the list, an alert message displays if any connectors have failed to scan. Review the list of connectors to find the connector or connectors with the status Last Scan Failed. You can also filter the list by clicking Status, and select the status Last Scan Failed from the dropdown list of filter choices.

Cloud Privilege Broker display of Cloud Connectors. One has status "Last Scan Failed" and it has been selected for editing.

To edit a connector, click the vertical ellipsis at the right end of the row and select Edit Cloud Connector. This opens a panel with:

  • Information about the connector
  • An option to disable the connector
  • An option to change the secret access key ID
  • A button to test the connector
  • A button to save changes to the connector

Changes to the connector are immediate, however the connector shows a failed status until the next scheduled scan.

To delete a connector, click the vertical ellipsis at the right end of the row and select Delete Cloud Connector. A message box confirms the request. You can delete multiple connectors by selecting the connectors and clicking the delete icon above the grid.

Deleting a connector removes it from Cloud Privilege Broker, and removes all recommendations and other data associated with that connector. However it does not offboard the connector in the cloud service. Instructions on how to do this are available in the readme files downloaded when the connector was created. If necessary, you can download the files again by following the steps to create a connector.

To add a connector, click Create New Cloud Connector + and follow the onscreen instructions.

For more information, please see the following: