Navigate the Password Safe Web Portal

Screenshot of the Accounts Grid in the Password Safe Web Portal

In the Accounts tab, click a tab to search for the account, system, or application you need to access.

For optimum efficiency, the web portal screen resolution should be no less than 1280 × 800 pixels.


When you first log in to the Password Safe web portal, no accounts are available in the Favorites tab.

Read the Accounts Grid

You can rearrange the grid columns by clicking the title and dragging to the desired location. The following information is displayed in the grid:


Click the star to add your most used accounts to your list of favorites. You can then select the Favorites tab to display only favorite accounts.


The system's name.

OneClick buttons

Click the OneClick buttons to access the OneClick feature. A grayed out button indicates that the account cannot be accessed using OneClick.


The directory name, if applicable.


The username on the account.

Account Description

The description of the managed account provided when the account was set up.


Indicates if the account is available. Green indicates the account is available. Red indicates it is unavailable.


The type of operating system.


The application managed by Password Safe, if applicable.


The workgroup the account is tied to, if applicable.

Download RDP Direct Connect File buttons

Click the Download RDP Direct Connect File (down arrow) button to request an RDP Direct Connect session.

Screenshot of the Search Filter for the Account Grid in the Password Safe Web Portal

Each column title has its own search filter. From the dropdown, select Contains, Starts With, Is Equal To, or Is Not Equal To. Enter a search string, and then click Filter.


For more information, please see the following:

Use Quick Links

The Password Safe web portal uses quick links at the top of the page to navigate to different areas of the application.

The links displayed depend on your assigned Password Safe roles.

Screenshot of the Quick Links in the Password Safe Web Portal