Create the Jira ticket system in Password Safe

Follow the below steps to create a Password Safe ticket system, configure it with the functional account you created to access your Jira instance, and select your desired ticket approval options.

Create Jira ticket system in Password Safe.

  1. From the left sidebar in BeyondInsight, click Configuration.
    The Configuration page displays.
  2. Under Privileged Access Management, click Ticket Systems.
    The Ticket Systems page displays.
  3. Click Create New Ticket System +.
    The New Ticket System Details form displays in the right panel.
  1. Select JIRA Ticket System from the Platform dropdown.
  2. Select the Functional Account you created to access your Jira instance from the dropdown.
  3. Enter a name for the ticket system.
  4. Optionally, you can also enter a Description, Access Policy Certificate Common Name, and an Access Policy Code.
  5. Check the options you wish to enable:
    • Auto Approve on Ticket Number Validation
    • Enable Emergency Approval Without Ticket Number
    • Make Ticket System the Default
  6. Click Create Ticket System to save it.


For any tickets verified using this ticket system, you must ensure the following within your Jira web portal:
  • The Requester is populated in the Assignee field.
  • For local on-premises Jira instances, the User ID must match the Password Safe User ID.
  • For cloud hosted Jira instances, the email address entered must match the email address of the BeyondInsight user.