DR Primary Sites Scenario 4 – Loss of the Primary Site

DR Primary Sites Scenario 4 - Loss of a Primary Site

If the primary site containing read/write database replicas were to go offline, the following actions should be observed or taken:

  1. Failover of the primary instance to a synchronous-commit instance in the secondary datacenter - configured per Microsoft best practices; this may be a manual or automatic failover.
  2. Manual Role configuration of the U-Series Appliances in the secondary datacenter to provide at least one Admin Role (for Smart Rule processing and system configuration).
  3. Depending on SSRS configuration (location of reporting database), the Reporting Role should be enabled on an alternate U-Series Appliance, or the reporting database restored to a backup U-Series Appliance.
  4. Users should automatically be redirected to an alternate U-Series Appliance portal via load balancers.