Configure Workgroups for Advanced Environments

Password Safe allows you to assign Resource Zones to workgroups to give the user more granularity on password changes. Password Safe uses workgroup assignments at the managed account level to allow Password Safe resource brokers to process password changes, password tests, and account notifications for their designated workgroup.

If a resource zone is not assigned to a workgroup, the resource broker functions on a global level and can change any account that does not have a designated workgroup assigned.

Assign a Workgroup to a Managed Account

You can assign a workgroup to a particular managed account by editing the managed account or by using a Smart Rule.

Select a workgroup from the list on the Edit Managed Account page to assign a workgroup to a managed account.

To assign a workgroup to particular managed account, go the Managed Accounts page and select the account to edit. On the Edit Managed Account page, select a workgroup from the dropdown list.

If you set the workgroup value to None, the account can be changed by any Password Safe agent.


Configure Smart Rule to assign workgroup on each account in the Smart Rules Manager.

To assign a workgroup using a Smart Rule, go the Smart Rules page, and create or a edit an existing rule. Under Actions, select Assign workgroup on each account.