Restrict Access to the Password Safe Login Page

When using SAML, smart card, or claims-aware authentication to access the Password Safe web portal, you might not want users to log in directly to the web portal URL. You can disable direct access to the Password Safe web portal URL. Users must then always provide the SAML, smart card, or claims-aware credentials before gaining access to the web portal.

The setting can be applied to Active Directory, LDAP, and local BeyondInsight users.

The following procedure assumes the group and user are already created.

  1. From the left navigation pane in the console, select Configuration.
  2. Under Role Based Access, select User Management.
  1. Click Users to display the list of users in the grid.
  2. Select a user, and then click the More Options button.
  3. Select Edit User Details.

Screenshot of the Disable Login Forms option on a User Account

  1. Click the toggle to change the Disable Login Forms option to yes.