Nodes represent the Session Monitoring Agent Nodes that can be used for establishing Sessions.

For more information on related topics, please see Sessions.

GET Nodes

Returns a list of Session Monitoring Agent Nodes.

includeInactive: (optional, default: false) True to return all nodes including nodes that are inactive, otherwise False.


Content-Type: application/json

        NodeID: string,
        HostName: string,
        DisplayName: string,
        LastHeartbeat: DateTime, // can be null
        IsActive: bool,
  • NodeID: Node unique ID.
  • HostName: Node host name.
  • DisplayName: Node display name.
  • LastHeartbeat: The date and time of the last Session Monitoring Agent heartbeat from this Node.
  • IsActive: True if the Session Monitoring Agent is considered active and running, otherwise false.

200 - Request successful. Nodes in the response body.

For more information, please see Common Response Codes.