Overview of BeyondInsight Tools

BeyondInsight provides a set of tools to help you organize assets for scanning.

Depending on the number of assets that you want to scan or the critical nature of some of your assets, consider organizing the assets using address groups or Active Directory queries which can be part of a Smart Rule.

The following list provides examples on ways you can use these tools:

  • Create an IP address group that organizes assets by a range of IP addresses, including CIDR notation and named hosts.
  • Use an Active Directory query that will organize assets by organizational unit. Create a Smart Rule and use the query as your selection criteria.
  • Change the properties for assets, and then use the attributes as the selection criteria in the Smart Rule.

Scans can return a lot of information. To help you review scan results, you can create filters and set preferences on the Assets page to easily review scan results.

For more information, please see Change and Set the Console Display Preferences.