Support and Product Updates

Click Menu in the left navigation toolbar, then About, to access support information and tools, product updates, and other resources including documentation links, version details, and the maintenance expiry date.

Send Files to BeyondTrust Technical Support

You can build and send file packages containing general information for support and collected events.

Create a Support Package

Create a support package that can be used by Support. The package includes:

  • All logs in the BeyondInsight Logs folder
  • Storage size statistics on the BeyondInsight database
  • Certain database tables that contain information on scanner agents, and their jobs
  • The debug_syncit - log file used to determine when files are updated from Auto Update

Credentials are not stored in any of the package files.

To generate the package:

  1. From Support Tools > Download Support Package, click Generate Support Package.
  2. A ZIP file is automatically created and saved to the Downloads folder.
  3. Email the ZIP file to your support representative.

Send Analysis Files

Additionally, you can send events collected by Analyzer to provide additional troubleshooting details such as:

  • The number of errors collected in the BeyondInsight logs
  • Analysis of the events, including percentages of types (processed and purged)
  • The percentage of duplicate and timed out agents
  • Analysis of BeyondTrust components
  • Customer name

To generate analysis files:

From Support Tools > Send Analysis to Support, click Send Analysis to Support. This generates an analysis file and sends it to Support.

Analysis files are retained for 30 days. You can click a link on the About page to request that the data be deleted prior to the 30 day expiry.

Download Updates

BeyondInsight ships with BeyondTrust Updater.

Using the update tool, you can set up subscriptions to download product updates for BeyondInsight, Event Server, and BeyondTrust Updater.

Maintenance Information

This panel displays the contract Maintenance Expiry Date for BeyondInsight.

If your maintenance is close to expiry or has expired, a warning banner displays at the top of the Dashboard. The toggle Hide Maintenance Expiry Warning Banner can be set to on or off, to enable or disable this warning.

The Maintenance Expiry Warning Banner is only visible to administrators. Hiding the banner hides it from all administrators.