View Privileged Remote Access Data

If you have a licensed instance of Privileged Remote Access configured in your environment, you can export session data to an export database. You can then review Privileged Remote Access session data in the BeyondInsight Console, using the Privileged Remote Access Dashboard.

  1. In the  BeyondInsight Console, select Configuration.
  2. Under Secure Remote Access, select Database Configuration.

Screenshot of the Secure Remote Access Appliance Database Configuration page

  1. Provide the settings to connect to your Privileged Remote Access export database, and then click Test Connection.
  2. Click Update Settings.
  1. From the menu, select Privileged Remote Access.

BeyondInsight Dashboard

  1. In the Dashboard you can quickly view a summary of Privileged Remote Access session data in each card.


  1. You can click the items within each card to review the specific records for that item in a grid view that can be sorted, filtered, and exported as required.

Grid View