Set BeyondInsight Options

Set Account and Email Options

If you use Clarity, for configuration information please see Configure Clarity Analytics.

Account Lockout Options

You can set lockout options, such as lockout threshold and duration.

  1. Select Configuration.
  2. Under Role Based Access, select Local Account Settings.
  3. Under Account Lockout, set the following options:
    • Account Lockout Duration: Sets the number of minutes that the user is locked out after they hit the account lockout threshold. Once this time has elapsed, an attempt will be made to unlock the account during the user's next log in. Setting this value to 0 (zero) requires the account to be manually unlocked by an administrator.
    • Account Lockout Threshold: Sets the number of times a user can try their password before the account is locked out.
    • Account Lockout Reset Interval: Sets the number of minutes after an account is locked due to unsuccessful entry attempts before resetting the lockout counter.
    • Unlock account upon password reset request: When set to Yes, unlocks the account when the Forgot Your Password process is followed by the user. When set to No, the user may reset their password using the Forgot Your Password process, but the account remains locked until an administrator unlocks it.
    • Send lockout notification: When set to Yes, sends a notification to the email address configured in the Lockout Notification Recipients when any account becomes locked out.
    • Lockout notification recipients: Sets the email address where the lockout notification is sent. The Send Lockout Notification switch must be set to Yes for this to be relevant.
  4. Click Update Account Lockout Options.

Account Password Options

You can set account password parameters, such as a complexity requirement and password length.

  1. Select Configuration.
  2. Under Role Based Access, select Local Account Settings.
  3. Under Account Password, set the following options:
    • Enforce Password History: Enter the number of passwords a user must create before an old password can be reused. Enter 0 to not enforce a password history. There are no restrictions on using past passwords when 0 is entered.
    • Maximum Password Age: Enter the maximum number of days before a password must be changed.
    • Minimum Password Age: Enter the minimum number of days that a password must be used before it can be changed.
  4. Click Update Account Password Options.

Email Notifications

The email notification functionality allows BeyondInsight to send email under certain circumstances. This includes, but is not limited to, emails sent upon ticket assignment, password reset, user lockout notifications, smart rule actions, or API authentication failures.

Email SMTP settings are initially set in the BeyondInsight configuration tool. Verify these settings are accurate and that you use the same information. Changes made here will be reflected in the configuration tool.

  1. Select Configuration.
  2. Under System, select Email Notifications.
  3. Enter an email address in the From email address box. This sets the email address that appears in the From and Reply-To fields for email notifications sent by BeyondInsight.
  4. Optionally, enable the Notify administrator on cloud connector failure setting. When enabled, this option sends an email if an error occurs while collecting cloud data using a connector configured in BeyondInsight.
  5. Click Update Email Notification Options.

An email is sent every 24 hours.