Navigate the Console

BeyondInsight Home Page

Once logged into the BeyondInsight console, you are taken to the Home page, where the BeyondInsight suite of features is easily accessible by clicking the container cards or by clicking Menu in the left navigation menu.


Available features include:

  • Assets: Display and manage all assets. Access the Smart Rules page to create and manage smart groups. Add assets to Password Safe management.
  • Smart Rules: View and mange Smart Rules.
  • Scan: Schedule discovery scans.
  • Scans: Review active, completed, and scheduled scans.
  • Endpoint Privilege Management: View and manage Endpoint Privilege Management events, policies, policy users, agents, file integrity monitoring, and session monitoring.
  • Managed Systems: View and configure properties for Password Safe managed systems, managed databases, managed directories, managed applications, and their associated Smart Rules.
  • Managed Accounts: View and configure properties for Password Safe managed accounts and their associated Smart Rules.
  • Password Safe: Access the Password Safe web portal to request passwords and remote access sessions and to approve requests.
  • Team Passwords: View and manage team credentials.
  • Analytics & Reporting: Access reports on collected data.
  • Configuration: Configure BeyondInsight and Password Safe components and objects, such as users and groups, authentication settings, connectors, and much more.
  • About: Access helpful links, support tools, version information, and the maintenance expiry date. The Maintenance Expiry Warning Banner can be disabled here.
A warning banner displays at the top of the screen if your maintenance contract for BeyondInsight is close to expiry or has expired. Click More Details to go to the About page, where you can disable and re-enable the warning.

A warning banner displays at the top of the screen if your installation includes any Discovery Agents earlier than version 20.1. These must be updated by the end of 2021. You can go to Scans > Discovery Scanners to view all scanners in the system, and their version.

Click Dismiss to hide warning banners until your next login.