Change and Reset Login Passwords

You can change the password used to log in to the console. You cannot change your password for the following scenarios:

  • You are logging in with Active Directory or LDAP credentials.
  • Your account is currently locked out.

Change Password

Change Password in the Console

  1. In the console, click Profile and preferences, and then select Change Password.


Change Password in BeyondInsight Console

  1. Change your password, and then click Change Password.


Reset Password

Forgot Password Link on Console Login Screen

If you forget your console password, click Forgot Password, and then enter your username and click Reset Password. An email is sent from the console administrator with a reset link provided.


Reset Password

Click the link in the email to be taken to the Reset Password page where you can change your password.

Resetting the console password is not available to users logging in with Active Directory or LDAP credentials.