Monitor Endpoint Privilege Management Sessions

You can view session details and replay sessions using Endpoint Privilege Management.

This feature is only available when an Endpoint Privilege Management license is detected.

View Session Details

  1. In the BeyondInsight Console, click the MENU.
  2. Under Endpoint Privilege Management, click Session Monitoring.
  3. By default, displayed sessions are filtered by the Discovery Scanners Smart Group. Select a Smart Group from the Smart Group filter to view sessions for that Smart Group.
  4. To further filter the displayed sessions, use the Filter by criteria above the grid.
  5. For additional details about a session, click the vertical ellipsis for the session, and then select View Details.
  6. Click the Download All button above the grid to download the sessions to a CSV file.

Depending on the configuration of your grid and selected columns, not all session details may be visible. To configure display preferences, and see other options for the grid display, please see Change and Set the Console Display Preferences.

Session Replay

  1. Follow the steps above to select a session.
  2. Click the vertical ellipsis for the session, and then select View Session... . View Session... is also available when viewing all session details.
  3. A new page opens, showing some details of the session, a list of the Events and when they occurred (which can be searched), and a slideshow of the session.
  4. Buttons under the slideshow control session playback. You can change the speed of session playback by selecting a different Slideshow Delay.
  5. You can download an image of any session view by clicking the Snapshot button.