Create an Address Group

When creating a Smart Rule, you can create an address group to use as an IP address filter. An address group can contain included or excluded IP addresses. IP addresses are entered as a

  • Single IP address
  • IP range
  • CIDR Notation
  • Named host

The BeyondInsight user must be a member of the Administrators group or be assigned the Full Control permission on the Asset Management feature to be able to create Smart Rules.

For more information, please see Create and Configure Groups.

Create an Always Address Group

You can create an address group and name it Always. The Discovery ScannerBeyondInsight scanner is designed to recognize this address group name and includes the group in every scan, regardless if the group is selected in the scan job. The address group can include and exclude IP addresses.

The next time a scan runs, the address group is synchronized with the Discovery ScannerBeyondInsight scanner. The IP addresses, whether they are included or omitted, are considered part of the running scan.

If the Always address group is configured with and buffett-laptop (omitted), it scans and buffett-laptop. The results are as follows:

  • The scan includes since this IP address was added to the Always address group.
  • The scan excludes buffett-laptop since this asset was explicitly omitted in the Always address group.
  • is scanned as usual.

If an asset is scanned and later added to the Always address group as Omit, the asset is not scanned but might be displayed in the report. This only occurs with some reports.

  1. Select Configuration.
  2. Under Discovery Management, select Address Groups.


    Screenshot of the Create Address Groups section

  1. Click Create Address Group.
  2. Enter a name for the address group, and then click Create.

    Screenshot of the Add Addresses and Import Addresses options

  4. Select the address group, and then click Add New Address to manually add the IP addresses. Or, click Import Addresses to import them into the group using a file.


    Screenshot of manually adding a single IP address when creating an address group.

  1. If manually adding the addresses:
    • Select the type from the list: Single IP Address, IP Range, CIDR Notation, Named Host, or WebScan URL.
    • Enter the IP addresses, CIDR notation, host name, or URL, depending on which type you selected.
    • Enable Omit this entry to excluded addresses.
    • Click Create Address.



    Screenshot of the Import Addresses section when creating a new address group.

  1. If importing the addresses:
    • Enable the Overwrite all existing addresses option, if desired.
    • Click Drop File to upload the import file.
    • Click Upload File.


The list in your import file depends on your particular needs. The list can contain all IP addresses that you wish to exclude. To exclude IP addresses, use the format: 192.x.x.x (1).

Screenshot of the Import Address Groups dialog

Here is an example of how a CIDR notation, an excluded IP address, and excluded named hosts are displayed after importing.


Create a Smart Rule Based on an Address Group

When configuring an address group, you can choose to create a Smart Rule based on the address group.

Image of the Address Grouops and Create Smart Rule sections

  1. Select the address group, and click the Edit icon.
  2. Select Create Smart Rule.
  3. Leave the default name, or name the Smart Rule as desired.
  4. Select the option to make the Smart Rule available to all user groups or to administrators only.
  5. Click Create Smart Rule.


  1. You will receive a message stating that a Smart Rule has been created for this Address Group.
  2. Configuration > Smart Rules page

  3. The group is displayed on the Configuration > Smart Rules .