Create Smart Rules

You can configure an asset-based Smart Rule to:

  • Create Smart Groups
  • Send email alerts with a list of assets
  • Set attributes on assets
  • Create a ticket with a list of assets
  • Set scanner pooling

Create an Asset Based Smart Rule

  1. From the left menu in the BeyondInsight Console, click Smart Rules.
  1. Leave Asset selected for the Smart Rule type filter.
  2. Click Create Smart Rule.
  3. Select a category.
  4. Enter a name and description.
  5. By default, the Smart Rule is set to Active (yes), so it is always available for processing. Disable the active setting to ensure the rule is not processed.
  6. Select the filters in the Selection Criteria section.
  7. From the Actions section, select one of the following:
Create Ticket

Select tickets parameters, including ticket assignment, severity, and email alert.

Mark each asset for deletion Select to create a Smart Group that contains assets to be marked for deletion.
Mark each asset inactive Assets detected as inactive are no longer be displayed on the Assets page or in reports.
Send an email Alert Select and enter the email addresses for notification when the rule criteria is matched. Emails are only sent if the list of assets that match the rule is changed from the last time the rule was processed.
Set attributes on each asset Select the attribute type from the list, and then select the attribute.
Set Scanner Properties

Select one or more scanners to lock to the Smart Group.

Set attributes on each asset Select attributes for each asset.
Show asset as Smart Group

When selected, the rule is displayed in the Smart Groups pane as a Smart Group. You can select the Smart Group to filter the list of assets in the Smart Groups pane.

You can also select the default view to display on the Assets page when the Smart Group is selected.

Smart Groups are also used for running scans and registering for patch updates.

  1. Click Create Smart Rule.