Create Oracle Credentials

If you scan Oracle databases, you can create Oracle credentials. The tnsnames.ora file is updated automatically after you create an Oracle credential.

  1. Select Configuration.
  2. Under Discovery and Vulnerability Management, select Credentials.
  3. Click Create Credential.
  4. Screenshot of the Create Credential section highlighting Oracle

  5. From the Type list, select Oracle.
  6. Provide a Username, Password, and Description.
  7. Select an Access level from the list: Standard, SYSDBA, or SYSOPER.
  8. Select additional connection options:
    • Connect To: Select from: Database or Named Service.
    • Protocol: Select a protocol: TCP, TCPS, or NMP.
    • Hosts: Enter the host name where the Oracle database resides. If this credential is used for multiple Oracle hosts, separate each host name by a comma.
    • Port Number: Enter a port number.

IPv4 addresses, IP address ranges, CIDR notation, and named hosts are supported formats. Multiple SIDs, named services, TCP ports or pipe names are not supported.

  1. Enter a key.
  2. If you would like this credential to be used for scanning by selected local scanners, click the toggle to make it available and then select the scanner.
This feature propagates credentials stored in BeyondInsight to Discovery Scanner servers and allows end users and API calls to leverage credentials locally on the network scanner. This eliminates the need to provide credentials separately for those scanners.

If the credential name matches an existing credential in the BeyondTrust Discovery Scanner, the credential is overwritten with the value from BeyondInsight.

  1. Click Create Credential.