Manage Thales HSM Credentials

Change HSM Credentials

Editing an existing HSM credential might prevent BeyondInsight from successfully decrypting the credentials which were encrypted using the existing HSM credential.


BeyondInsight might fail to decrypt a credential if the encryption key name configured in the HSM credential does not match the encryption key name that was used to encrypt a credential. For this reason editing the key name is not permitted.

  1. Right-click an existing credential.
  2. Select Edit Credential.
  3. Click the respective cells to modify the values of:
    • 32-bit Driver Path
    • 64-bit Driver Path
    • Slot
    • Description
    • PIN
  4. Click Save.

Delete Existing HSM Credentials


Deleted credentials cannot be recovered, and BeyondInsight is unable to decrypt any credentials encrypted with deleted HSM credentials.

  1. Right-click a credential.
  2. Click Delete Credential.
  3. To continue with the deletion, provide confirmation in the window that appears.
  4. Click Save and Close.