Configure universal event forwarder

Create a universal connector to forward events to configured listeners using an XML or JSON format.

  1. In BeyondInsight, go to Configuration > General > Connectors.
  2. From the Connectors pane, click Create New Connector.
  3. Enter a name for the connector.
  1. Select Universal Event Forwarder from the list.
  2. Leave Active (yes) enabled.
  3. Provide the required details for the server:
    • Select the protocol: TCP, TCP-SSL, or UDP.
    • Enter the Host Name and Port.
  4. Select an output format:
    • XML: Displays the events in XML format.
    • JSON: Displays the events in JSON format. If this format is selected, enable the Use Syslogoption to add the syslog header format to the JSON output file. If you use the syslog format, you must select a facility from the list.
  5. Expand Event Filters, and then select the events that you want to forward.
  6. Click Test Connector to send a test event message.
  7. Click Create Connector.