Configure LogRhythm Event Forwarding

Create a LogRhythm® connector to forward BeyondInsight events to the LogRhythm server.

  1. In the BeyondInsight Console, go to Configuration > General > Connectors.
  2. In the Connectors pane, click Create New Connector.
  3. Enter a name for the connector.
  1. Select LogRhythm Event Forwarding from the Connector Type list.
  1. Provide a connector name.
  2. Leave Active (yes) enabled.
  3. Provide the required details for the LogRhythm server:
    • Select the protocol from the Available Output Pipelines list: TCP, TCP-SSL, or UDP.
    • Enter the Host Name and Port.
    • Select an optional syslog facility from the list.
  4. Expand Event Filters, and then select the events you want to forward.
  5. Click Test Connector to send a test event message.
  6. Click Create Connector.

If an event is received from Password Safe Cloud, a Resource Zone can now be associated with any connector that sends data using syslog. If selected, Password Safe Cloud proxies the syslog data through the Resource Brokers associated with that Resource Zone.