Install the BeyondInsight and BeyondTrust Discovery Scanner

Install the BeyondInsight Software

  1. After BeyondTrust generates your customer license, you receive an email that includes a link to download product installers. Download the installers to your system.
  2. Run the downloaded BeyondInsight installer.
  3. Enter the console license key (serial number).
  4. Follow the default prompts.
  5. When prompted, supply the license registration information.

If you have already installed BeyondTrust Discovery Scanner, the license registration information automatically populates.

Required audit upgrades download after the installation is complete. Audit upgrades may take some time to complete, depending on the number of pending updates.

Run the Configuration Wizard

Screenshot of the BeyondInsight Configuration Wizard Welcome Screen

  1. After the software is installed, the BeyondInsight Configuration Wizard automatically starts. Click Next.


Screenshot of the License Management screen in the BeyondInsight Configuration Wizard.

  1. Select Active License to generate the license on this system, or select Enter a License Key to manually enter a new license key on this system. Click Next.


Screenshot of the BeyondInsight Configuration Wizard Database Screen

  1. On the Database page, set SQL Server to (local) if the server is on the same machine and will use the logged on Windows credentials to connect.
  2. Otherwise, click the Advanced button to enter database information, including the server name, database name, and database credentials.

If you select an existing BeyondInsight database, the database version number must match the installer version.


  1. The Web Site Information page informs you that the console will be implemented as the default IIS website.
  2. On the Agent Password page, create a password to use to configure the connection between the scanner and the console. This password is required to retrieve Central Policy information and to import certificates using the Events Client Configuration Tool. The created password must match the machine's password requirements.
  3. On the Event Server Information page, you may configure SNMP.
  4. On the Email Information page, you may provide a default SMTP mail server and account. This can be used, for example, to automatically email a report after a vulnerability scan completes.

The SMTP mail server and email address you provide are not verified by the configuration wizard.

  1. On the Administrator Password page, create an initial login account to the console. This account you create has full rights to the console. The created password must match the machine's password requirements.

This is not the local machine administrator or domain administrator account.

  1. The database is now created. Please plan for this process to take about ten minutes.
  2. Once complete, click Finish.
  3. The management console now starts in your default browser. You can log in with the administrator credentials created during this process.

For more information on managing your BeyondInsight license, please see Manage Your BeyondInsight License.

Install the Discovery Scanner

  1. To install the scanner, run the downloaded Discovery Scanner installer.
  2. Enter the license key (serial number).
  3. Follow the default prompts.
  4. When prompted, supply the license registration information.
  5. The auto-update process runs, contacting the BeyondTrust servers. This can take several minutes.
  6. Once complete, the Discovery Scanner automatically starts.