How to Use the Offline Updater Tool

The Offline Updater tool allows you to download update packages from another machine when the Update Server is not connected to the Internet.

To run the Offline Updater Tool:

  1. Download the Offline Updater Tool from the Product Information page of the Update Server website. If you have problems downloading it, you can copy it from the Update Server installation directory. The default path is C:\Program Files\BeyondTrust\Enterprise Update Server\OfflineTool\.
  2. Copy UpdateServer.OfflineUpdater.exe to another machine with Internet access.
  3. Enterprise Update Server offline updater tool

  4. Run UpdateServer.OfflineUpdater.exe on the other machine.


  1. Click the Configuration button to enter configuration settings.

    Enterprise Update Server serial number

  1. Enter the product serial number. This is sent to the parent server to determine the products and versions available to you. Only products for valid serial numbers associated with the same BeyondTrust account are available.


  1. Enter the parent server to download updates from.
  2. If you require a proxy to connect to the parent server, enter the information required for Proxy, Proxy User Name, and Proxy Password.
  3. Click OK to save the configuration settings. These settings are saved for the next time the tool is run.
  4. On the main window, select the product you want to download update packages for.
  5. Select the target version you want auto-update clients to download from the Update Server.
  6. By default, Download updates from the previous two versions is selected. This downloads cache files to update clients from those two versions to the target version.
  7. If the version you want to update from is not one of the latest two, you can select Download updates from this version, and enter the version to update from.
  8. Check the Include License key updates box to download updated license keys to get updated serial number expiration dates. Enter the path of the serial number file exported from the Enterprise Update Server web interface.
  9. Select the file path to save the downloaded package file.
  10. Click Download to begin downloading the requested files and create the package file to import into the Enterprise Update Server.