Run Reports in BeyondInsight

To view reports in BeyondInsight, you can use Internet Explorer or Edge, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome. Only Internet Explorer enables you to print results directly. In other browsers, you must first create a PDF before printing.

To make sure that all Analytics & Reporting features work properly, please set your browser's pop-up blocker to allow pop-ups from your BeyondInsight management console.

A drill-through action that opens a new report is limited to 10,000 rows of data by design.

In order to run a report, users must have read access to Analytics & Reporting and Management Console Access enabled.

Log in to your BeyondInsight management console and click Analytics & Reporting.

  1. From the All Reports pane, locate a report using the report category folders, or search for a report using title or description keywords, and then select the desired report.


Screenshot of Configure Report Parareters in BeyondInsight.

  1. From the Configure Report pane:
    • Select the report parameters or leave them as default.
    • Click View Report.


After viewing the report, you can create a subscription to it by clicking the envelope button. For more information, please see Manage Subscriptions in BeyondInsight.

Save a Report View

If you generate a certain report frequently and use the same parameters, you can save those parameters in a Saved Report View.

Click the Save View button

  1. Select the report.
  2. Select the report parameters.
  3. Click the Save View button.
  4. Enter a name and description for the report view, select an Organization from the list, and then click Save Report View. The name must be unique.
  5. This view is now located in the Saved Views panel on the Configure Report pane when you select a report and in the Saved Report Views folder on the All Reports page.
  6. When you select the saved view, the report loads automatically with the saved parameters.

Endpoint Protection reports have been removed, and any saved views of these reports cannot be used.

Save a Snapshot

When you generate a report from a saved view, you can save the data in a snapshot. A snapshot is the saved report and results as they were when the snapshot was created. Time and date information is displayed with the snapshot.

Save snapshot

  1. Open a saved view either from the Saved Views panel on the Configure Report pane in a report or from the Saved Report Views folder under All Reports.
  2. Once the report is displayed, click the Save Snapshot button.


View snapshot

  1. From the saved report view, you can view the snapshots from the left panel.


Endpoint Protection reports have been removed, and any saved snapshots of these reports cannot be used.