Set Up the UVMSQL Appliance

Your UVMSQL Appliance is designed to be configured and used with a web browser.


If you purchased Professional Services, schedule your engagement with your Professional Services representative before starting the Configuration Wizard.

Power on the UVMSQL

  1. Plug the power cables for the UVMSQL into a safe power source. The UVMSQL’s power supplies automatically switch between 120V and 240V, as needed.
  2. Plug a network cable into the network interface port.
  3. Press and release the power button on the front of the UVMSQL. The power LED immediately to the right of the reset button illuminates, and the HDD activity LED (immediately to the right of the power LED) begins to flash. Initialization of the UVMSQL completes in about 60 seconds.

The NIC1 and NIC2 LEDs may illuminate and show activity even when the UVMSQL is not powered on; therefore, it is important to check the power and HDD LEDs to confirm that the UVMSQL is on.

Perform Initial Network Configuration

The UVMSQL is configured to use DHCP and receives an assigned IP address. To access your UVMSQL the first time, open a browser on a device on the same network subnet as the UVMSQL. Enter the UVMSQL's factory IP address as displayed on the LCD screen, preceded by https://, for example, You can find this IP address using the LCD display of the UVMSQL. You will need the IP address later in the process when you configure the UVMSQL.

Display IP Address

To display the IP address, select Show IP on the LCD panel. The IP address automatically displays.

Automatically Enter IP Address

On the LCD panel, select Config IP, then select Auto DHCP. The UVMSQL automatically updates the IP address to the DHCP protocol.

Manually Enter IP Address

On the LCD panel, select Config IP, then select Manual. Enter the IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, DNS 1 and DNS 2.

Hardware Notes

The integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) is configured to use the primary interface (LAN1). The iDRAC shares the interface with Windows. By default, iDRAC is not configured.

The UVMSQL has more than one adapter. If all adapters are used, the adapter chosen during scan time is determined by the route associated with it.