Migrate the U-Series Appliance

Step 1: Prerequisites

Run Updates on the Source

  • Run BeyondTrust Updater.
  • If using Enterprise Update Server and BeyondTrust Updater, we recommend connecting the U-Series Appliance to the same server to avoid version mismatch and manual updates.
  • All product versions should match what will be on the target image. As noted at U-Series Appliance Migration, this process is only valid for U-Series Appliance Management Software 3.2 and later.

    If you migrate from Windows 2008 R2 to Windows 2016, we recommend updating BeyondInsight to v6.9 before you proceed. BeyondInsight v6.10 is not supported on 2008 R2; however, the BeyondInsight database will be upgraded on import to the 2016 target U-Series Appliance.

  • If the target does not exist yet, first verify what versions will download from Auto Update.
  • It is not required to apply SUPI updates.

Step 2: Back up Necessary Data

Run a Backup on the Source U-Series Appliance (If Using the Local Database)

Time estimate: 6 minutes

  1. Run the Backup feature on the Maintenance page and record the password. We recommend making more than one copy of the password to avoid a situation in which the text file gets corrupted. Have one resource type the first password and another resource to confirm. This minimizes support cases and escalation resulting from human error.
  2. If the backup is saved locally, use RDP to connect to the U-Series Appliance to get the backup from C:\LocalBackups (or the appropriate folder if another local backup location is specified).
  3. Transfer the backup and any additional backups you want to migrate to either removable media or a network location accessible to both the source and target U-Series Appliances.

Collect Additional Details

The following details are not included in the import process:

  • Licensing: Gather BeyondTrust product license numbers from the Maintenance page on the source U-Series Appliance.
  • HA Pairing Settings (from the primary node): Write down what you need to replicate on the target U-Series Appliance or take a screenshot.
  • Backup Schedule: Write down what you need to replicate on the target U-Series Appliance or take a screenshot.
  • WSUS is no longer supported and is not be part of the migration.

Step 3: Reimage the U-Series Appliance

Reimage or Deploy the New U-Series Appliance

Time estimate: 2 hours (Physical)

Virtual U-Series Appliances

Deploy new U-Series Appliance. There is no conversion.

Physical U-Series Appliances

Two options:

  • Customer purchases new U-Series Appliance hardware with the latest available image already installed.
  • Customer purchases upgrade option to have their current U-Series Appliance rebuilt with the latest available image.
    1. Get a 64GB (or greater) USB flash drive in advance.
    2. Obtain the following files from the Tool Kit:
      • Rufus-2.3.exe
      • 20xxMigrationUVMBuilder.zip
    3. Obtain the Windows license. The license is provided when the USB upgrade is purchased.
    4. Follow the process guide to build a USB.

For more information, please see Build a Reimaging USB for the U-Series Appliance.

Rebuild the U-Series Appliance

For steps to rebuild a U-Series Appliance on R720 or R730 hardware, please see Reimage the U-Series Appliance.

Step 4: Configure the U-Series Appliance

Run the Configuration Wizard on the Target U-Series Appliance

Time estimate: 1 hour

  1. Rename the U-Series Appliance to be the same as the source. Migration fails if this is incorrect.
  2. Apply the BeyondTrust product licenses.
  3. Verify you are at the expected software versions in Maintenance. These must match those on the source U-Series Appliance.
  4. Configure BeyondInsight for Unix & Linux if being used by the customer.
  5. Roles do not need to be set and are imported with the registry keys contained in the backup file.
  6. High availability should be set up after the migration is complete for both U-Series Appliances in the pair.

Step 5: Download Pending

Prepare the Target

Time estimate: 10 minutes

  • Enable RDP.
  • If not updating right away, ensure that Auto Update and BeyondTrust Updater roles are disabled in the Roles Editor to prevent changes to versions.

Step 6: Restore and Import Data

Restore Data From the Source U-Series Appliance

Time estimate: 10 minutes (assuming 600MB U-Series Appliance backup file)

  1. Copy the U-Series Appliance backup file to C:\LocalBackups.
  2. Log in to the U-Series Appliance Maintenance page and go to Backup and Restore.
  3. Ensure C:\LocalBackups exists as a backup location and import backups.
  4. Start a restore from the pre-migration backup.
  5. Wait until the restore completes.

Step 7: Post-Migration Steps

Time estimate: 3 minutes

Post-Import Reconfiguration

  • Enterprise Update Server (EUS)
  • Backup Schedule
  • Configure BeyondInsight Analytics & Reporting
  • Set up high availability (HA)

Post-Migration Validation

We recommend that you verify the following items to confirm functionality of your newly migrated U-Series Appliance:


If the U-Series Appliance is a physical U-Series Appliance, ensure that the C: drive has BitLocker enabled. If it does not, repeat steps 2-6 of Build a Reimaging USB for the U-Series Appliance, followed by turning the TPM module OFF and then ON (with reboots in between).


  • Confirm all expected assets are present in the asset table.
  • Ensure the migrated U-Series Appliances are recognized as vulnerability scanners.
  • Run a new asset scan to verify database writes.
  • Check that you can access saved credentials.

Session Monitoring

  • Ensure you can access your archived sessions.
  • Ensure you can record new admin sessions.

U-Series Appliance Settings

  • Schedule a new backup and confirm that it runs.
  • Roles configuration.

For more information, please see Reimage the U-Series Appliance.