U-Series Appliance Configuration Wizard for the Azure Deployment

You must configure your U-Series Appliance using the U-Series Appliance Configuration Wizard.

U-Series Appliance Configuration Wizard - Welcome Page

  1. On the Welcome page, enter the U-Series Appliance machine name. This must be the same name you specified when you created a virtual machine in Azure.


Once you have named your U-Series Appliance, it cannot be renamed. If at any point you need to rename the appliance, you must re-deploy the image.


U-Series Appliance Configuration Wizard. Select a configuration file or start the wizard page.

  1. Choose to upload a configuration file or click Start the Configuration Wizard without a configuration file.


  1. Read the license agreement and click I Agree.

    You must accept the licensing agreement for the installation to continue.

  2. On the Network Settings page, provide the following details:

    Network State:

    • Connect to the Internet for licensing and updates. No proxy required: Select if there is an Internet connection and no proxy server.
    • Connect to the Internet for licensing and updates through a proxy server: Select if you are using a proxy server.
    • No Internet connection. Requires performing manual updates: Select if the U-Series Appliance does not have an Internet connection.

    SMTP Settings:

    • Enter the SMTP server IP address and port.
    • Check the SMTP Server requires authentication box to use credentials to access the server.
  3. Click Next. On the Registration Information page, enter the name, organization, and address information.
  4. Click Next. On the BeyondTrust Licenses page, enter the license keys.
    • Client Portal Login: You can choose to retrieve license keys automatically from the BeyondTrust client portal. Enter your username and password, and then click Retrieve Serial Numbers.
    • Serial Numbers: Enter the serial number provided when you purchased the product. To access your serial number, log on to the client portal, and select Product Licensing > Managing Your Serial Numbers. Click Get Offline License and follow the instructions on obtaining the license key offline. When received, manually enter the license key.
  5. On the User Credentials page, enter the following passwords:


While the Administrator Name field is editable, you are not allowed to use "Administrator" as a name in this field.

    • Administrator password: This password enables you to access the U-Series Appliance. The email address will receive U-Series Appliance reports, alerts, and alerts on hardware events.
    • BeyondInsight username and password.
    • BeyondTrust Updater username and password.
  1. Click Next.
  2. On the Machine Configuration page:
    • Enter the time zone information, and date and time.
    • Select an auto-synchronization setting.
  3. Click Next. On the Review page, verify the information. Click Change to adjust settings.
  4. To save the settings to a configuration file, click Download Configuration File. If for any reason you need to go through the configuration for the U-Series Appliance again, you can upload the configuration file to apply your settings.
  5. Click Next, and then click Proceed to the Roles Configuration.
  6. If the roles configuration is correct, then click The Current Roles Configuration Looks Good, otherwise click Go to The Roles Editor.

    In the Roles Editor, change the role settings you need, apply your changes and when complete, click Close Roles Editor.

  7. You can configure high availability now. Otherwise, configure HA on the High Availability page later.
  8. Click Start Appliance. The configuration completes and the browser opens to the Diagnostics logon page.
  9. Restart the U-Series Appliance after configuration so the scanner can start.