Take a Snapshot / Back up Your AWS Instance

BeyondTrust provides a way to back up application data on a U-Series Appliance. When working in virtual environments, we recommend periodic backups of the virtual machine. We also recommend creating a backup prior to any updates that affect the operating systems of the virtual machine.

  1. Using RDP, connect to your U-Series Appliance to shut it down gracefully. Enable RDP using your Maintenance application.
  2. Open the Amazon EC2 console and in the navigation pane, select Instances. Find the instance that represents your U-Series Appliance.
  3. Right-click your U-Series Appliance instance and select Connect. Click Download Remote Desktop File to connect to the U-Series Appliance. Use your U-Series Appliance credentials to log in, and from the Windows Start menu, click the Power Options button in the upper-left corner of the screen. Select Shut down from the menu that appears.
  4. Refresh your EC2 console periodically until the Instance State column changes to Stopped. Right-click the instance, select Image, and then select Create Image. Provide an image name and description.

There might be costs associated with the storage of the image. BeyondTrust is not responsible for any incurred costs, and it is your responsibility to manage any costs associated with image backups. If a backup is recommended during an upgrade, you can delete the backup after the upgrade is determined to be successful.

  1. After the image is created, restart your U-Series Appliance. Right-click the instance, select Instance State, and then select Start.

For more information, please see Configure RDP.