Set Up a Cold Spare U-Series Appliance

You can set up a U-Series Appliance that can be used as the main U-Series Appliance if the first one needs to be taken offline.


  • The BeyondInsight version on the cold spare must be the same or later than the version on the source U-Series Appliance.
  • It is recommended that both U-Series Appliances have the Auto Updates role turned on.
  • The cold spare must receive updates so that it matches the source U-Series Appliance.
  • For Analytics & Reporting, ensure SQL Server versions match on both U-Series Appliances.
  • The source and spare U-Series Appliances must have the same name.

If the SQL Server database is remote, the data will not be copied to the cold spare.

Enter credentials that can access the share

To set up the cold spare appliance:

  1. On the sidebar menu, click LA (if you are in the new environment only).
  2. On the menu, select Roles Editor.
  3. Click the Set Up Appliance as Cold Spare role.
  4. Turn the role on.
  5. To set a location, click Locations + (or select an existing one from the dropdown list).
    • Enter the path for the Restore Location where you want the backup files to be saved. Optionally, select an existing location.
    • If applicable, enter the Username and Password to access the location.
    • To test the connection, click Test the Remote Share Credentials.
  6. Select the Day of the week and the Time when you want the cold spare to retrieve the information from the backup file. When the cold spare starts, the data from the last backup file retrieved is used.
  1. Enter a restore Password, and confirm it.
  2. Provide a Temporary Computer Machine Name.
  3. Click Apply Changes.
  4. On the Roles Editor main page, click Apply Pending Changes.
  5. Once the settings have been saved, a dialog box displays and prompts you to restart the U-Series Appliance.