Accounts and Licensing Settings in the U-Series Appliance

Update Product Serial Numbers

You can review your licensed BeyondTrust components. If some components do not appear as licensed, you might need to refresh the BeyondTrust database cache to ensure the most recent license is applied.

To update the U-Series Appliance serial number:

  1. From the Maintenance menu, select Accounts and Licensing.

Product Serial Numbers dialog

  1. You must supply the serial numbers and validate the license key. You can either do so automatically using your Internet connection, or you can enter this information manually.
    • Using Online Appliance: Enter the serial numbers, then click Update Keys.
    • Using Client Browser: Manually enter the serial numbers provided when you purchased the product. Select Retrieve Offline Validation Keys.Manually enter the license key once you receive it.
    • Using Email Validation: Enter the serial numbers, then click Retrieve Offline Validation Keys. An email is sent to request and validate the keys.
    • Manually: Manually enter the serial numbers. Select Retrieve Offline Validation Keys. Enter the validation keys when received, and then click Update Offline Serials.


  2. Click Update Keys.

For more information, please see Clear the BeyondInsight License Cache.

Key Management Service Support

After installation and configuration, if your server does not automatically discover the Key Management Service (KMS) server, you may receive a Windows activation failed message. Specify the KMS key and IP address again.

You can replace our key with a known Volume License Key and then call into your KMS server to count against your total (number of licenses).

To activate your volume license key:

  1. From the Maintenance menu, select Accounts and Licensing.

  2. Under Microsoft Key Management Server Configuration, enter your volume license key and the address of the server to validate and track the license.

  3. Click Activate Volume License Key.

For more information, please see Why did Windows activation fail on my EC2 Windows instance?.

Purge U-Series Appliance Data


Be careful! Purging the U-Series Appliance data erases the database, user configuration data, and events from the U-Series Appliance.

  1. From the Maintenance menu, select Accounts and Licensing.
  2. Under Purge All Configuration Data and Events, click Wipe Appliance. The data is purged from the U-Series Appliance.

Change Administrator Password


While it is possible here to change administrator usernames, we recommend contacting Support and discussing the implications of this action on your systems, before making any changes. The username change may affect various areas of your deployment, and require restarting services or appliances.

You can reset the U-Series Appliance administrator password, BeyondInsight administrator password, and BT Updater password. Make sure you review the password complexity requirements.

  1. From the Maintenance menu, select Accounts and Licensing.
  2. heck the box for the password that you want to change.
  3. Change the password.
  4. Click Update Credentials.

If changing the administrator username or password, you must log back into the Maintenance page.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Using a RADIUS server, you can require users to log in to the U-Series Appliance using a configured two-factor authentication method. You must configure the RADIUS server settings in BeyondInsight.

  1. From the Maintenance menu, select Accounts and Licensing.
  2. Under Configure RADIUS Authentication,click the RADIUS Authentication Enabled toggle to on.
  3. From the RADIUS Settings Alias dropdown, select an available RADIUS server. This uses the settings configured in BeyondInsight to populate the hostname, port, request timeout, authentication mechanism, and initial action.
  4. Enter the username. This is the user account that is used to log in to the RADIUS server.

The RADIUS user account password must match the U-Series Appliance administrator password.

  1. Click Update Settings.