iPhone and iPad Remote Support


Bomgar now enables IT support and service technicians to remotely support the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, by providing users with custom configuration profiles on their iOS devices. With a few simple clicks, users can automatically configure their email, calendars, device security policies, VPN settings, Wi-Fi settings and more. For more details, see Supporting Apple iOS.

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Transcript: iPhone and iPad Remote Support


Hi, my name is Troy Harrison, and I'm vice-president of product management here at Bomgar. With over 40 million iPhones and 3 million iPads sold to-date, chances are your customers and employees are going to want to use them for work, and you need to find a way to support them.

With Bomgar, iPhone and iPad users can install custom configuration profiles. These profiles allow users to automatically set up email, calendar, and other settings to work within your company.

iPad Configuration Profile

Let's see how this works.

Users simply launch the Safari browser on their iPad and navigate to your company's support site. Now they see the list of configuration profiles available to them. Here we have options for email, calendar, VPN, and wireless network. All of these configuration profiles have already been set up and customized by the administrator, so users only see the profiles that they're allowed to use. Plus, they don't have to contact customer support or start a chat session. They just select the profile they need, and go.

Let's subscribe to the sales calendar. We simply select the Sales Calendar profile and choose Install. On the screen that comes up, we do select Install, and then we confirm, and then we select Done. We can now verify that we have subscribed to the sales calendar by viewing the native calendar application and looking at the list of calendars. And here we see the sales calendar.

Now let's configure the iPad to check email. It's the same process. You launch the Safari browser. This time, we select the Microsoft Exchange Setup, and we select Install and follow the on-screen prompts.

iPhone Configuration Profile

As you can see, it's just as easy on an iPhone, as well. To configure this iPhone for VPN, we select the VPN profile, choose Install, and follow the prompts. It's just that easy.

Thank you for watching. If you would like to schedule a demonstration or have any questions, feel free to contact BeyondTrust at www.beyondtrust.com.