Updates for Support Representatives

BeyondTrust Remote Support 18.2 contains the following updates for BeyondTrust representatives.


Command Shell Improvements

Support technicians who use command shell are no longer limited to viewing just the last 50 lines of console history. They can now scroll back through thousands of lines of history and have access to a more extensive history of their command shell session.

Direct Web Rep Console Login

Directly access the web rep console from a new /console URL. By providing a simplified URL to access the web rep console, technicians can start supporting users faster. Administrators can now apply more granular network restrictions to web rep console users.

Rep Console User Interface Visual Enhancements

Several UI enhancements have been added to the rep console to improve the day-to-day working experience for support technicians. The Session Alert icon on the Home and Session tabs has been updated. The Generate Session Key dialog displays a much larger Session Key number, making it easier to see and quickly share with end users. New Copy icons has also been added to allow one-click copying.