Updates for Support Administrators

Bomgar 18.1 contains the following updates for Bomgar administration.


Customer Agreement Enhancements

The customer agreement currently available for customer-initiated sessions can now also be used for unattended sessions, such as Jump Client and Local and Remote Jump sessions. This enables the customer agreement to be displayed and accepted regardless of how the session is started.

GDPR Pseudonymization Support

Allow your organization to meet its GDPR initiatives with pseudonymization support in Bomgar. Bomgar administrators can respond to Right to Erasure requests by searching for specific criteria supplied by the requester. Once reviewed, the results can be anonymized with an automatically generated term or a custom replacement.

More Scalable Jump Client Upgrades

Jump Clients now upgrade faster than ever. Once a new Bomgar version is installed, technicians can see which Jump Clients are already upgraded and can begin accessing them right away. When a Jump Client is waiting for its upgrade, technicians can modify properties without having to wait for the upgrade to complete.