Updates for Support Representatives

Bomgar 17.1 contains the following updates for Bomgar representatives.



Chrome OS Support

Support Chrome OS devices, including Chromebook™ and Chromebox™. Helpdesk users can now view Chrome OS screens remotely to troubleshoot issues. This functionality requires G Suite to deploy the Bomgar extension to Chrome OS devices.

Enable Desktop Background

Maintain a remote system's desktop background while screen sharing in full color or video optimized mode. Reps can leave customer desktops in place while enjoying the benefits of live system statuses.

Improved InSight Performance

Bomgar InSight video performance is more fluid, allowing richer support of devices where traditional screen sharing may not be possible.

Jump Clients - Automatic Refresh List

The Jump Items list in the rep console now loads and automatically refreshes anytime Jump Items are added, deleted, or changed, making the Jump interface easier to use and manage.

Jump Clients - Domain and Workgroup Search

Smart host detection allows reps to quickly identify, sort, and manage the Jump Clients they work with every day. With improved Jump Client host searching, filtering Jump Clients to see which ones are connected to a domain or searching to see if a specific user is logged in is now much easier.

Password Reset by Email

Reset a forgotten password by means of a secure email link.

Rep Console Interface Enhancements

The look and feel of both the rep console and the web rep console interfaces have been improved to make them even easier to use and increase your productivity.

Representative Profile Photos

Profile photos help personalize the support experience for both the rep and the person receiving assistance. Profile photos can be manually uploaded to a rep's user account, or existing photos from LDAP can be synced for centralized management.

Smart Card Enhancements

Pre-deploy registry settings for smart cards before an upgrade is available for the Bomgar Appliance software. Also, a visual indicator has been added to show the progress during a smart card elevation.

VNC Jump Shortcuts

Bomgar's VNC integration provides the security, collaboration, and audit features of Bomgar to VNC-enabled devices. Additionally, for supported operating systems, it is simple to deploy a Jump Client for future use, which makes future sessions more secure.

Web Rep Console File Transfer

The flexibility of the web-based rep console now allows files to be transferred between your local system and a remote system.