Updates for Support Administrators

Bomgar 17.1 contains the following updates for Bomgar administration.



Automated Text Translation

Bomgar's integration with GeoFluent empowers your helpdesk with a global advantage by translating chats between reps and customers in real time.

Custom Watermark

Customize the in-session watermark using any image you like to personalize the support experience and to increase your customers' trust in the support you provide.

High Availability ECM

Install multiple endpoint credential managers (ECMs) on different systems to avoid downtime. The appliance routes credential requests through the ECM with the longest uptime. If that ECM cannot be reached, the appliance immediately begins routing requests through the ECM with the next longest uptime and sends an email to alert the administrator of ECM malfunction.

Idle Representative Timeout Notice Enhancements

Administrators can choose for idle representatives to receive a notification before being logged out of the rep console due to inactivity.

Jump Clients - Automatic Maintenance Options

No more manually deleting uninstalled Jump Clients from your Jump Interface. An administrator can configure Jump Clients to be automatically removed from the representative console once uninstalled or to remain in the list until manually removed.

Jump Clients - Low Profile Settings

Several usability enhancements for Jump Clients give them a lower, more subtle profile by minimizing their visibility on individual desktops. Additionally, Bomgar administrators can prevent users from uninstalling Jump Clients locally on Mac and Linux systems.

Jump Clients - Silent Install Process Improvements

Improvements to the Jump Client mass deploy installer allow you to deploy Jump Clients with zero visual interruption to end systems.

Jump Groups and Roles

Use Jump Groups to organize your Jump Items any way you want, not just by Bomgar teams. Jump Roles are now used to define what a user can do with Jump Clients, and are remarkably flexible. These two new features combined make it easier for administrators to assign the right access to the right users.

Native Two Factor Authentication (TOTP)

Gain the security of multi-factor authentication for your local and LDAP user accounts by enabling time-based one-time passwords. When logging into Bomgar, users must provide a one-time password generated by a separate device or app, such as Bomgar Verify.