Updates for Support Representatives

Bomgar 16.2 contains the following updates for Bomgar representatives.



Atlas Customer Client Download

When a customer client is downloaded at the start of a session, the client comes from the traffic node the end customer is connected to rather than from the master node, resulting in faster session start times.

Bomgar Web Rep Console

Support remote systems through a web-based representative console. The web rep console removes the requirement of having to download and install the Bomgar representative console client, enabling quicker access.

Connection Resilience

Network status intelligence in the representative console results in nimbler handling of intermittent network disruptions. If you should lose your connection, the representative console attempts to reconnect for 60 seconds. If your connection is restored within this time, your representative console reopens, restoring all of your open sessions.

Enhanced Authentication Choices for iOS Representative Console

Both SAML authentication and password managers such as 1Password can be used to log into the iOS representative console for quicker access.

Enhanced Presentation Attendee Client

A new HTML5 presentation attendee client gives attendees a smooth, intuitive interface for an even better presentation experience.

InSight Enhancements

New options including flashlight, zoom, and auto-focus enrich the support experience via Bomgar's live video stream tool.

Remove Ctrl-Alt-Del Prompt

When a rep needs to send a Ctrl-Alt-Del command to a remote computer, the Bomgar software attempts to override the customer's disabled Secure Attention Sequence without disrupting the rep's workflow with a prompt first.

Updated Android Representative Console and Customer Apps

Both the Android representative console and customer client apps feature a new interface for a better experience, while the Android representative console also supports SAML authentication for logging in.

Command Shell for Mobile

The iOS and Android access consoles now have the capability to access the command shell for Jump Client and Shell Jump sessions.