Updates for Support Representatives

Bomgar 16.1 contains the following updates for Bomgar representatives.



3D Touch Support for iPhone 6s/6s Plus

The Bomgar mobile representative console uses iOS 3D Touch Support capabilities offered by the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus devices to start sessions faster and more efficiently. By tapping and holding the Bomgar representative console icon on your iOS device, you can quickly access the three most viewed Jump Items, and you can seamlessly transition between active support sessions. With 3D Touch Support, multi-tasking has never been this simple.

Faster Performance (Peer-to-Peer Sessions)

Network and protocol enhancements allow for direct peer-to-peer connections, resulting in increased performance in screen sharing, file transfer, and remote shell.

Faster Session Start

Streamlined initiation processes and improved UI facilitate getting your customers into a support session faster on desktop and mobile.

HD View

A new streaming video codec allows faster speeds and higher definition video quality while screen sharing.

Improved Attended Support for Passive Jump Clients

When using Passive Jump Clients for attended support, more frequent status updates means that representatives can now see and search by the username of the person logged into the machine. The Passive Jump Client now checks for and updates a changed username.

Jump Shortcuts

Save shortcuts in the representative console for frequently used Local Jump, Remote Jump, Shell Jump, RDP, and vPro sessions.

Jump Shortcuts Access from Mobile Representative Consoles

Access Remote Jump and RDP Shortcuts from the mobile representative console. Jumps can occur through a Jumpoint.

Touch ID Authentication for iOS

Bomgar is now able to authenticate technicians via iOS devices’ built-in Touch ID capabilities, enabling touch authentication to be used to log into the iPhone or iPad representative console.

Unattended Android Access

Mobile devices and tablets are being used more for non-traditional mobile uses, such as point-of-sale and kiosks. Support technicians can now connect to these devices even when the device is not in use and can conduct background tasks during business hours without any disruption.