Updates for Support Administrators

Bomgar 16.1 contains the following updates for Bomgar administration.



Archive Presentations via the API or Integration Client

Extract presentation logs and recordings via the API or Integration Client.

Hyper-V Appliance

The Bomgar Remote Support Virtual Appliance can now be installed in a Microsoft Hyper-V environment, extending Bomgar’s hypervisor support beyond our current VMware support, offering a greater variety of virtual environments.

Jumpoint Clustering and Improved Management

Experience improved Jumpoint manageability. You can view the public and private IP of the system where the Jumpoint is deployed, as well as the hostname and comments. Additional actions are also available, such as uninstalling and redeploying Jumpoints on a remote network to increase scalability. Cluster Jumpoints to provide redundancy and load-balancing.

Mass Import of Jump Shortcuts

Import Jump Shortcuts using a comma-separated value (CSV) file, reducing the time required to create Jump Shortcuts. Additionally, a new API command is available to programmatically create Jump Shortcuts. This eliminates the need to import and configure large numbers of endpoints.

Two Factor Authentication

Implement native two factor authentication using a secure second-factor access code that is emailed to a user.

SAML Single Sign-On Support

Bomgar can now be included as one of your single sign-on service providers. By connecting Bomgar to your identity provider or federation service using SAML, you can securely and conveniently log in to the web interface and representative console.