Updates for Support Representatives

Bomgar 15.2 contains the following updates for Bomgar representatives.



Remote Camera Sharing and Video Annotations Using Bomgar InSight

During a support session, an iOS or Android customer can stream live video to the representative from their mobile device using Bomgar InSight. Sharing remote, live camera footage while an issue is taking place provides the representative with an additional way to assist the customer in finding a resolution to their problem. While viewing the footage, the representative can make video annotations, freezing the frame and allowing the customer to view the camera annotation and take any necessary action while camera sharing.

Headless Linux Jump Clients

Support Linux systems that do not have a graphic user interface.

iCloud Access for Mobile Apps

During a support session, an iOS customer can share files from the iCloud Drive or any other document storage provider available from their mobile device.

Linux Service Mode Jump Clients

Support Linux endpoints regardless of the log on state of the system.