What's New in Bomgar Remote Support 18.2


Get an overview of the newest features introduced in Bomgar PA 18.2, including:

  • SCIM
  • SecureApp
  • Direct Advanced Web Access Login
  • Idle Timeout Warning for /login
  • Faster Jump Client Reconnect

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Transcript: What's New in Bomgar PA 18.2


Utilize SCIM 2.0 REST Endpoints to provision users and groups to the available security providers.


SecureApp has been extended to accommodate starting more applications. With the use of the new Bomgar RDP agent, applications can be started without the need to configure them as a RemoteApp. Also, credentials can be used to start any application, extending the use of your managed privileged identities.

Direct Advanced Web Access Login

Access the Web Console directly from a new /console URL. By providing a simplified URL to access to the Web Access Console, users can start using Bomgar more quickly, and administrators can now apply Network Restrictions more granularly to the Web Access Console users.

Idle Timeout Warning for /login

Improved idle timeout warnings in the /login interface will prevent administrators from getting logged out before changes are complete. A new idle timeout dialog gives users 90 seconds to acknowledge that you are still working.

Faster Jump Client Reconnect

When active Jump Clients lose their connection, their built-in logic ensures a staged reconnect back to the appliance. Improvements to the Jump Client reconnect logic have significantly reduced the amount of time needed for large-scale deployments to reconnect to the appliance.