What's New in Bomgar Privileged Access 18.1


Get an overview of the newest features introduced in Bomgar PA 18.1, including:

  • Automatic Privacy Screen
  • GDPR Pseudonymization and Consent Support
  • More Scalable Jump Client Upgrades
  • Credential Injection Enhancements
  • Credential Logging Enhancements
  • Shell Tools
  • Streamlined Session Workflow
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Transcript: What's New in Bomgar PA 18.1


Automatic Privacy Screen

Start a session with Privacy Screen enabled by default. Sessions can now be kept private from the start without having to remember to set the control permission during each session.

GDPR Pseudonymization and Consent Support

Allow your organization to meet its GDPR initiatives with pseudonymization and consent support in Bomgar. Bomgar administrators can respond to Right to Erasure requests by searching for specific criteria supplied by the requester. Once reviewed, the results can be anonymized with an automatically generated term or a custom replacement.

More Scalable Jump Client Upgrades

Jump Clients now upgrade faster than ever. Once a new Bomgar version is installed, technicians can see which Jump Clients are already upgraded and can begin accessing them right away. When a Jump Client is waiting for its upgrade, technicians can modify properties without having to wait for the upgrade to complete.

Credential Injection Enhancements

When integrating Bomgar with a credential manager, the endpoint credential manager (ECM) now returns up to 100 matched credentials. This is especially helpful when similar credentials (such as local and domain accounts with the same name) are both stored in the manager.

Credential Logging Enhancements

Use of credentials within a session is now logged in the session reports regardless of session type. This creates a consolidated audit record for session and credential use, removing the need to correlate separate reports.

Shell Tools

New tools have been added to command line sessions to help streamline workflows. Most notably, users can now clear, copy, and increase a session's scroll-back history.

Streamlined Session Workflow

Get to the endpoint and to session tools faster with fewer clicks. Tools such as File Transfer and Command Shell now start automatically when that tool is selected. Also, the Bomgar client window starts minimized. These changes allow you to accomplish your task more quickly by removing extra clicks.