Updates for Users

BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access 19.1 contains the following updates for BeyondTrust users.


macOS Mojave Support

The macOS Access Console and Endpoint Client now fully support macOS Mojave including changes to the new security requirements of Mojave.

Password Injection with Password Safe

Password Injection with BeyondTrust Password Safe is now available for Privileged Remote Access, enabling your users to securely use passwords during access sessions with the click of a button. In addition, it provides an integrated approach to secure third-party vendor access.

Access Console Usability Improvements

Several enhancements were made to the Access Console to improve usability, such as remembering the last security provider used for login, remembering column layouts, and showing the last time an endpoint was rebooted.

MFA Credential Injection with Web Jump

Users can now inject a vaulted account with MFA enabled during a Web Jump Access session, enabling users to utilize the same credential injection experience they are used to using in the other access methods.

Copy and Paste with Web Jump

Users can now utilize the Copy/Paste functionality during a Web Jump session, enabling users to continue to utilize their current processes while using the Web Jump feature.

Most Recently Used Jump Items

Most Recently Used Jump Items provides an easy way to find your most frequently accessed Jump Items which saves time by not having to search for frequently accessed endpoints.