Updates for Users

BeyondTrust Privileged Remote Access 18.3 contains the following updates for BeyondTrust users.


Windows 10 Privacy Screen

Privacy Screen helps prevent data leak by blanking the physical screen for endpoints that may have a monitor attached. Privacy screen support during a BeyondTrust session has been extended to Windows 10 endpoints.

Enhanced Credential Selection

Get into sessions faster when BeyondTrust recommends the right credential for the user and endpoint. For those leveraging privileged credential injection, BeyondTrust can now recommend the most likely credential based on the usage history for the endpoint and list of accounts to which a user has access.

RDP Resolution Console Setting

Start an RDP session with your specific screen size. Instead of defining the resolution of an RDP endpoint within the Jump Item, this is now a user console setting allowing each user to connect with the resolution best suited for their working environment.