Updates for Users

Bomgar Privileged Access 16.1 contains the following updates for Bomgar users.


3D Touch Support for iPhone 6s/6s Plus

The Bomgar mobile access console uses iOS 3D Touch Support capabilities offered by the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus devices to start sessions faster and more efficiently. By tapping and holding the Bomgar access console icon on your iOS device, you can quickly access the three most viewed Jump Items, and you can seamlessly transition between active sessions.

Advanced Web Access

Advanced Web Access enables administrators to appropriately manage privileged access controls over assets that utilize modern web technology in a secure, scalable, and controlled manner. The auditing capability gives your organization the visibility it needs to adhere to both internal security policies and any applicable industry compliance requirements.

Bomgar Access Extender

Bomgar Protocol Tunneling extends the remote connectivity and auditing capabilities of proprietary and/or 3rd party applications, such as integration control systems or custom database tools. Bomgar simplifies this complex task into a consumable process that removes the need for an intricate VPN solution.

Bomgar SUDO Manager

Shell Jump credential injection can now be used in conjunction with SUDO.

Command Shell Access from Mobile

The iOS and Android access consoles now have the capability to access the command shell for Jump Client and Shell Jump sessions.

Credential Injection from Mobile

When accessing a Windows-based Jump Client via the iOS or Android mobile access console, the user may perform credential injection into the login screen as well as the “Run As” special action.

Faster Performance (Peer-to-Peer Sessions)

Network and protocol enhancements allow for direct peer-to-peer connections. A direct connection between a user and an endpoint bypasses the appliance, thus enhancing the performance of screen sharing, file transfer, and remote shell.

HD View

A new streaming video codec allows faster speeds and higher definition video quality.

Privileged Web Access Console Enhancements

The Bomgar privileged web access console has been improved to include the following functionality: authenticating from the client scripting API, credential injection for Windows Jump Items, and authenticating from an access invite.

Touch ID Authentication for iOS

Bomgar is now able to authenticate technicians via iOS devices’ built-in Touch ID capabilities, enabling touch authentication to be used to log into the iPhone or iPad access console.