Updates for Administrators

Bomgar Privileged Access 16.1 contains the following updates for Bomgar administrators.


Hyper-V Appliance

The Bomgar PA Virtual Appliance can now be installed in a Microsoft Hyper-V environment, extending Bomgar’s hypervisor support beyond our current VMware support, offering a greater variety of virtual environments.

Improved API Authentication

Granularly define the accounts used for API access to the specific roles they serve. Additionally, OAuth 2.0 authentication is now used for authenticating API accounts.

Jump Approval Enhancements

A new configuration option allows an access approval to be tied to requesting user rather than the endpoint being accessed.

SAML Single Sign-On Support

Bomgar can now be included as one of your single sign-on service providers. By connecting Bomgar to your identity provider or federation service using SAML, you can securely and conveniently log into the web interface and desktop access console.

Secure Cloud Deployment

The Bomgar PA solution can now be purchased and deployed as a Cloud service as an alternative to the existing on-premises deployment options.