Updates for Users

Bomgar PA 15.3 contains the following updates for Bomgar users.


Bomgar Privileged Web Access Console

Gain secure access to endpoints through a web-based access console. The web access console removes the requirement of having to download and install the Bomgar access console client, enabling quicker access from more locations.

Change Management Workflow

Bomgar access requests can now require a Ticket ID to be entered as part of the access request process. Once entered, the request is sent to your change management system, where it can be programmatically denied or allowed using the Bomgar API.

Linux Service Mode Jump Client

The Linux Jump Client has been modified to allow installation as a service. During installation, the service creates its own user account to monitor active sessions on the endpoint. A service mode Jump Client allows for capabilities such as reboot and auto-reconnect, running applications as an admin, and Jumping to the endpoint even if no user account is currently logged in.

Mobile Access Console Enhancements

From your iOS or Android mobile access console, use Remote Jump shortcuts and Remote Desktop Protocol shortcuts to securely connect to endpoints. Additionally, from your mobile access console, access Jump Items which have in place a Jump Policy requiring external authorization. Specify a message and a timeframe for future access. Once access is approved, you can access the Jump Item during the authorized time frame.

Multifactor Authentication

Implement native multifactor authentication using a secure second factor access code emailed to a user. After the local user enters their username and password in either the access console or /login, they receive an email with a secure access code which they must enter before login succeeds.