Updates for Administrators

Bomgar PA 15.3 contains the following updates for Bomgar administrators.


Endpoint Surface Analyzer

Know and control how critical endpoints are accessed throughout your organization. Be aware of the listening network port exposure for systems that you manage. Report and keep a running log of critical endpoint network exposure.

Jumpoint Management

Better manage your installed Jumpoints. Jumpoint information on /login now includes the host system's public and private IP addresses, hostname, and comments. Easily redeploy a Jumpoint to a new host, with the new Jumpoint replacing the old one for any existing Jump shortcuts associated with it. Jumpoints can be clustered to provide redundancy and additional load capacity for critical network segments. Additionally, Jumpoints no longer require a user to be assigned to them directly.

Mass Import of Endpoints

When creating a large number of Jump shortcuts, you can import them via a spreadsheet in the /login interface or via the API. Importing Jump Items saves time and effort over manually adding each one in the access console.

Session Forensics

Command shell recordings are now included in Session Forensics searches. Successful matches in stored shell recordings automatically take the user to that point in time in the recording.