Generate a Domain-Join Log for AD Bridge

To help troubleshoot problems with joining a domain, you can use the command-line utility's logfile option with the join command. The logfile option captures information about the attempt to join the domain on the screen or in a file. When an attempt to join a domain fails, a log is generated by default at /var/log/domainjoin-cli.log or /var/adm/domainjoin-cli.log.

To display the information in the terminal, execute the following command; the dot after the logfile option denotes that the information is to be shown in the console:

domainjoin-cli --logfile . join domainName userName

To save the information in a log file, execute the following command:

domainjoin-cli --logfile path join domainName userName
domainjoin-cli --logfile /var/log/domainjoin.log join Administrator