Task Settings and Descriptions

GPO Name Description
Run script

Use a GPO to execute a text-based script file on target computers. The script file runs under the root account when the target computer first receives the GPO or when the policy object's version changes. When a target system is restarted, the script runs again. This policy replaces the local file. It is not inherited and does not merge with the local file.

The default ordering of the script policy is as follows:

  1. Default domain policy
  2. Higher-level OU policies
  3. Current-level OU policies

Within an OU, the ordering is from highest link number to the lowest link order number.


Schedules commands, or cron jobs, that are executed at a set time on target computers.

If Apply Policy is set to Always (default), any changes to managed system files on the agent system will be replaced when group policy is next applied. If a managed system file is edited or removed, gpupdate will recreate the file on policy refresh. If set to Once, any changes to managed system files on the agent system will only be replaced when the policy is updated or gpagent is restarted.

Backups of existing system files are performed before initial policy application.