Assign Users to Manage AD Bridge Cells

You can use AD Bridge Cell Manager to create an access control list (ACL) that allows users or groups without administrative privileges to manage AD Bridge cells.

For example, you can assign permissions to particular users to add users or remove users from a cell. This procedure applies to named cells.

For more information on delegating control in a default cell, please see Assign Users to Manage UNIX Attributes in Directory Integrated Mode.

  1. In Cell Manager, right-click a cell, and then select Delegate Control.
  2. Click Start.
  3. Click Add, and then choose the users or groups that you are delegating permissions to.

An image of selecting permissions on the Delegate Control Wizard screen in Cell Manager.

  1. Click Next, and then select the permissions that you want to assign.


  1. Review the information that you entered, and then click Finish.